Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mums and toddlers

They do mums and toddlers in church on Wednesdays and today was Henrik and mines first time there.  I had planned to go to the group in the morning (there is a morning and afternoon group) but realised half an hour before it was suppose to start that it was starting at 10 rather than 10.30 and there was no way I'd have to have a shower and feed Henrik and walk to church all in 30 minutes.

Apparently they'd had a hectic morning with 28 tots...running around. The afternoon group was very nice and quiet in comparison to that. I played with play doh while Henrik was being held by one of the ladies from church. There was a baby there who was even younger than Henrik by a week but she was bigger than him.

I have this funny feeling that Henrik is going to have a funny accent as pretty much all the mums and kids in the group spoke broad geordie. 

I haven't had the best night sleep the last couple of nights, hopefully this night I'll get a bit more sleep...

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