Sunday, October 14, 2007

More weddings

Henrik has been adored in a wedding again...this time it was Craig and Kerina's and the drive was a bit shorter as well, only to Middlesborough (40min) in comparison to Devon (9h with stops). It was a really lovely wedding with lots of laughter and it had a real warm hearted family feel to it as most people knew both the bride and the groom and were so excited about them getting married. All the speeches in the reception were brilliant and very amusing with references to Craig's love of coffee & the boro.

It was also the first wedding were we have not been starving by the time for the food comes as they had afternoon tea with fingerfood straight after the service. Quite often we've missed lunch before the service and then after the service the wait until the meal in the evening has been so long that we have been fading away. This time we came prepared and had some sandwiches with us but we ended up having them for lunch today as the afternoon tea was very filling.

The reception was in a hotel on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors. Craig and Kerina very generously offered us the bridal suite to stay over night (they got it as part of the package for hiring the function room and lots of the guests staying in the hotel but weren't using it as they were going to a different hotel). It was really good as I could go and feed the baba there and after the wedding we could just go upstairs rather than facing a drive back home all tired and exhausted. The room was very tastefully decorated but very amusingly in the bathroom the toilet seat cover was sparkling silver! We also got a full english breakfast which was yammy. 

This morning we went on a little drive around on North York moors before heading home. They were stunning, we even saw some grouse which was pretty exciting. I remembered all the James Herriot books I read when I was younger and could imagine him driving on the little narrow roads to some remote sheep farm in the middle of the night. The weather wasn't the best but I think we'll be going back some weekend soon to explore the moors more.

Now that we have Henrik a whole new chapter has opened in our lives - doing kiddy things, sitting with other families etc. Last Christmas when we flew to Finland the whole back end of the plane was full of families with kids. It was nice and peaceful where we were sitting but if you went to the loo you had to pass the 'kids' zone' with all the noise and crayons etc (from the little activity packs they are given when they get on the plane) spread all across the floor - this year it is going to be us...In the reception we were sitting in a table with another family with kids...very grown up ;)

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