Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life with a baby

I am discovering a whole new world that didn't exist before. I have got over the excitement of baby car parking spaces in the supermarket (right by the front door, if I didn't mention it earlier) but I have discovered the shopping trolleys with baby seats...very exciting...we've had Henrik in the baby bjorn carrier when we've been to supermarket before but I tried one of the trolleys yesterday and they were good. Big but very practical. And lots of ladies adored Henrik as they could see him, unlike when he is in the baby carrier and you can only see his arms and legs!

We went to the health visitor this morning to have Henrik weighed again and he was a grand total of 3.44 kilos or 7lb 9oz which is good. Before the only times I've been to the surgery are either before or after work, it is a whole new world going this time of the day - probably partly due to the fact that they do a baby clinic on Tuesday mornings, but the whole place was covered in babies in different sizes and shaped, some were crawling, others were walking and some like Henrik just were. 

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