Thursday, October 18, 2007

Autumn fashion

Henrik is slowly starting to fill out and does not look so lost in his clothes anymore. There is even one or two newborn things that are bordering on being too small for him when he is wearing a washable nappy...the washable nappies being double the size of disposable ones. We went along to the baby clinic at the GPs on Tuesday to have him weighted and he was 7lb 3oz which is about 3.25kg if I remember right.

This is the first week he has been wearing washable nappies. We did try them on the first week but he was so small or the nappies were so big that you could sit him upright in them with no support. We've only been using them during the day so far as they need changing more often than the disposable nappies

Here's a picture of Henrik modeling the vest and little hat I knitted him. Isn't he adorable? And you can see his dimples both the chin and the cheek ones as well...and the little hands under the chin...aaaaahhhh....
I am off to peel some apples to make apple crumble before the baba needs feeding again. One of the ladies at church has an apple tree and she has more apples than she knows what to do with them so most people went home with huge bag of apples after church :) I think I should have enough left even for freezing after I've made the crumble.

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