Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shopping again

We ventured into town again today. First time by the metro. Henrik behaved in an exemplary manner. Our tour of the town included trip to Marks and Spencer's to buy a little outfit for Henrik, then to John Lewis to get couple of more baby things, muslins, grobag and a baby toy with a mirror that we are planning to fix into the car so we can see his face without having to twist ourselves into an awfully awkward positions. We also discovered that John Lewis is brilliant for babies in a practical point of view...They have a parental room where you can change nappies and feed the babies. 

We had a lovely lunch in a cafe flatbread which was the name says served flatbread with little dips and things. It was delicious and Henrik slept all the way through it. It was brilliant, really really yammy, healthy and freshly prepared. 

We also ventured to the Christian bookshops in effort to try to replace a bible Moses chewed. When we were in Canada we bought this nice leather cover and a bible to go with it for David. Moses had a bit of a bored moment last week and chewed the bible. The cover survived. And we realised it was not that easy to find a bible to fit the covers, especially if you want it with concordance and cross referenced especially if the original one was bought in Canada where they use funny size paper anyway (A4 does not exist in Canada)!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pulling funny faces

Henrik has a wonderful selection of facial expressions and we could spend hours just looking at him very adoringly.  So here are the 'nose crunch', 'sneeze' and 'if I stare hard enough something is going to happen' faces for you to enjoy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Suit

I had a nasty shock recently, the suit I bought 10 years ago, the suit that I needed a belt for, had suddenly become rather tight around my waste. I think the last time I had worn it was for my job interview. All the free toast and lunch I have been having at work has had an adverse affect on my waste. So I have decided to do something about it, I will not be fat and overweight while I'm still young. 

So the car needed to have its MOT and required some work doing to it. I don't think I've ever had an MOT test and the car passed first time, it come of driving older cars. So the car was over night in the garage and I was forced into cycling. And that's when I discovered that cycling to work could be done. I've been cycling to work for a week now and it has been quite good really. There are showers at work and in the last couple of day I found a route that avoids and the massive killer hill so my journey is a little more relaxed. My enthusiasm may dwindle some what has the rain starts but at the moment the weathers been good. The only thing now is I need some lights on my bike as the days are drawing in.

I have joined the David Cameron club of doing good to the environment, lowering my carbon footprint. My cycle ride is about 5 miles, so hopefully I'll get a bit leaner and fitter and I'll fit into my suit with a little more ease and comfort.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life with a baby

I am discovering a whole new world that didn't exist before. I have got over the excitement of baby car parking spaces in the supermarket (right by the front door, if I didn't mention it earlier) but I have discovered the shopping trolleys with baby seats...very exciting...we've had Henrik in the baby bjorn carrier when we've been to supermarket before but I tried one of the trolleys yesterday and they were good. Big but very practical. And lots of ladies adored Henrik as they could see him, unlike when he is in the baby carrier and you can only see his arms and legs!

We went to the health visitor this morning to have Henrik weighed again and he was a grand total of 3.44 kilos or 7lb 9oz which is good. Before the only times I've been to the surgery are either before or after work, it is a whole new world going this time of the day - probably partly due to the fact that they do a baby clinic on Tuesday mornings, but the whole place was covered in babies in different sizes and shaped, some were crawling, others were walking and some like Henrik just were. 

Monday, October 22, 2007

One handed life

I am discovering the range of things you can do while holding a baby...I am getting to be a pretty good one handed typist. I can also make a cup of tea or feed the dog with just one hand. Emptying the dishwasher is a bit trickier but not impossible...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


It is finally weekend. It is finally a weekend where we have no wedding to go to (to be exact we do have a wedding this weekend but couldn't face an other 18 hours in the car to go to Devon and decided not to go) or no people coming around. The first weekend with just us since Henrik was born. Very exciting. 

The plan is to do as little as possible. David did mention about putting a roof on our alleyway on the side of the house so that he can put his tools etc there and we can have the bikes there. But we'll see if that actually happens. Tonight will be spent watching rugby world cup finally into which England in some miraculous way managed to get themselves into. The weather is very gorgeous, clear blue sky, crisp, leaves turning red. Moses would probably appreciate if we take him for a run in the woods at some point as well. 

Henrik has had couple of quite good nights so we are not too sleepy...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Autumn fashion

Henrik is slowly starting to fill out and does not look so lost in his clothes anymore. There is even one or two newborn things that are bordering on being too small for him when he is wearing a washable nappy...the washable nappies being double the size of disposable ones. We went along to the baby clinic at the GPs on Tuesday to have him weighted and he was 7lb 3oz which is about 3.25kg if I remember right.

This is the first week he has been wearing washable nappies. We did try them on the first week but he was so small or the nappies were so big that you could sit him upright in them with no support. We've only been using them during the day so far as they need changing more often than the disposable nappies

Here's a picture of Henrik modeling the vest and little hat I knitted him. Isn't he adorable? And you can see his dimples both the chin and the cheek ones as well...and the little hands under the chin...aaaaahhhh....
I am off to peel some apples to make apple crumble before the baba needs feeding again. One of the ladies at church has an apple tree and she has more apples than she knows what to do with them so most people went home with huge bag of apples after church :) I think I should have enough left even for freezing after I've made the crumble.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

More weddings

Henrik has been adored in a wedding again...this time it was Craig and Kerina's and the drive was a bit shorter as well, only to Middlesborough (40min) in comparison to Devon (9h with stops). It was a really lovely wedding with lots of laughter and it had a real warm hearted family feel to it as most people knew both the bride and the groom and were so excited about them getting married. All the speeches in the reception were brilliant and very amusing with references to Craig's love of coffee & the boro.

It was also the first wedding were we have not been starving by the time for the food comes as they had afternoon tea with fingerfood straight after the service. Quite often we've missed lunch before the service and then after the service the wait until the meal in the evening has been so long that we have been fading away. This time we came prepared and had some sandwiches with us but we ended up having them for lunch today as the afternoon tea was very filling.

The reception was in a hotel on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors. Craig and Kerina very generously offered us the bridal suite to stay over night (they got it as part of the package for hiring the function room and lots of the guests staying in the hotel but weren't using it as they were going to a different hotel). It was really good as I could go and feed the baba there and after the wedding we could just go upstairs rather than facing a drive back home all tired and exhausted. The room was very tastefully decorated but very amusingly in the bathroom the toilet seat cover was sparkling silver! We also got a full english breakfast which was yammy. 

This morning we went on a little drive around on North York moors before heading home. They were stunning, we even saw some grouse which was pretty exciting. I remembered all the James Herriot books I read when I was younger and could imagine him driving on the little narrow roads to some remote sheep farm in the middle of the night. The weather wasn't the best but I think we'll be going back some weekend soon to explore the moors more.

Now that we have Henrik a whole new chapter has opened in our lives - doing kiddy things, sitting with other families etc. Last Christmas when we flew to Finland the whole back end of the plane was full of families with kids. It was nice and peaceful where we were sitting but if you went to the loo you had to pass the 'kids' zone' with all the noise and crayons etc (from the little activity packs they are given when they get on the plane) spread all across the floor - this year it is going to be us...In the reception we were sitting in a table with another family with kids...very grown up ;)

Friday, October 12, 2007

The night of one feed

After keeping us awake on quite a few nights between his feeds Henrik only woke up once last night for a feed at 3.30am and went back to sleep beautifully after that. It was amazing feeling having had 5.5 hours of solid sleep without interruptions. It was also nice waking up and actually feeling awake rather than exhausted like you'd just finished running a marathon.

Henrik is 4 weeks old today which is amazing, it doesn't really feel like that long at all but then on the other hand you can't really remember what it was like without him :) I am off to another mums and toddlers group today with my Finnish friend Paula and her son Nathan, hopefully Henrik will be a bit more interested this time than on Wednesday when he slept through the whole thing!

The other excitement today is a pink party Andrea is organising at church tonight to raise money for cancer research. The idea is to have all things pink there, were something pink and eat all things pink. Henrik has the honour of being the only male allowed to come and I think he is not expected to wear anything pink either ;)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today's excitement

Today's excitement was the health visitors visit. It's the last time she comes to weight Henrik at home, next week we'll be going along to the GP's surgery to have him weighted. Last week Henrik weighted 6lb and 10oz...this week he has reached the grand weight of 7lb - exactly, not a bit more or bit less. So feeding the baba every two hours during the day is working which is good :)

We also went for a walk with Moses & pram which is always interesting as Moses does not like heeling when you are walking with the pram - quite understandable as it blocks his vision and most people and other beings like seeing where they are going!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mums and toddlers

They do mums and toddlers in church on Wednesdays and today was Henrik and mines first time there.  I had planned to go to the group in the morning (there is a morning and afternoon group) but realised half an hour before it was suppose to start that it was starting at 10 rather than 10.30 and there was no way I'd have to have a shower and feed Henrik and walk to church all in 30 minutes.

Apparently they'd had a hectic morning with 28 tots...running around. The afternoon group was very nice and quiet in comparison to that. I played with play doh while Henrik was being held by one of the ladies from church. There was a baby there who was even younger than Henrik by a week but she was bigger than him.

I have this funny feeling that Henrik is going to have a funny accent as pretty much all the mums and kids in the group spoke broad geordie. 

I haven't had the best night sleep the last couple of nights, hopefully this night I'll get a bit more sleep...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Henrik meets Sherwood

Sherwood is a very special teddy bear and he came to meet Henrik last weekend, however Henrik was not really sure about meeting a teddy, especially one who is bigger than him...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

And some more pics

Henrik is slowly getting the hang of sleeping at night time. Most nights he wakes up to feed twice. So we are getting some sleep as well. He is usually quite noisy making snuffling noises and stirring after the last feed so when I am about to nod of he makes a noise and wakes me up. 

The health visitor came to weight Henrik again on Friday and he had put on two ounces since the last time so he weighed 6lb 10oz or 3.01kg.

We went to church this morning and the young man slept happily through the whole service. 
Henrik and his bunny rabbit
Henrik enjoying his bath

Friday, October 05, 2007

Something quick

It is nearly time to feed Henrik again but I have just a minute or too to spare before that (or maybe not, I can hear him crying) and put some photos here.

Little Henrik :)

Us in the wedding

The lovely couple = MR & Mrs N Upchurch

Seb & Mim adoring Henrik

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shopping & Car Parks

Well we ventured into the supermarket, as a family, no longer is this a straight forward as it may seem. First we have to feed Henrik, then dress him in an outdoor suit, then put him in the car and finally we are off. We arrive at the car park and I hear this cry of excitement from the passenger seat, "We can park in the bays for people with young children" ! And so we proceed to parking right outside the front entrance, of what joy. We then did our shopping, one carrying Henrik in the baby björn, what fun, the other doing the majority of the shopping. It was quite clumsy picking items off the shelves with a big lump in front of you. I do sympathize with large pregnant women, paying was quite interesting as I couldn't see to type my pin number. There is of course the advantage of shopping with a tiny one, of all the adoring comments of "Ahh so cute". How proud we are of little Henrik.

Well life seems to be settling down, Henrik is feeding much more regular, we are getting a reasonable amount of sleep (Most nights). Being back at work is a little strange, but I seem to be getting back into the swing of things. It's funny, the birth of Henrik had been quite a focus and now he's here and life is getting into some kind of routine it does feel kind-of strange. Life is still really busy though, and is going to remain busy for the next month. Weddings all over the country, people coming to stay and then it will be just the three of us.


Busy, busy, busy

So, over the last couple of weeks I haven't had much time to write anything. My life has pretty much evolved around two hour blocks between feeds - it is surprising how little you can actually do in two hours...

But to catch up, here is a brief list of things we have done:
- taken the pram out for the first time with the dog and discovered Moses does not like heeling with the pram as it blocks his vision - more training needed
- Henrik has put on 5oz which sounds much better than 125g
- have discovered that you can live with surprisingly little amount of sleep
- have driven 1000 miles to Devon and back to see Nathan marry the lovely Fiona
- have also discovered that Henrik is very gifted at being sick just after you have changed him into fresh set of clothes and consequently the washing line is constantly full of little baby grows drying...

But I am off to have a nice shower and some breakfast before the young man needs feeding again...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007

More cuteness

Here are couple of more photos of Henrik. They were taken on the hospital so they are not the newest but they are very sweet, especially the last one with the crunched up face :)