Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Visiting the toon

Henrik had had his first visit to the city of Newcastle, aka toon, this morning. We have a wedding to go to this weekend in Plymouth and needed to do some shopping for that. It takes surprisingly long time to leave the house with him, making sure we have everything and that he is fed and changed etc. We didn't actually see that much of the town, just Eldon centre car park and John Lewis but it is a start in exploring the great wide world.

We hadn't taken the pram to bits since we got it and it took as a little while to figure out how to separate the top and bottom to collapse it. Thankfully with the help of internet it didn't take too long! I knew it wasn't very complicated to do it but I just couldn't remember what you were suppose to do...

Henrik charmed all the shop ladies, at some point there were five of them cooing over him. Our main mission was to find something for me to wear as all my dresses are not really suited for breast feeding and it would be bit of a hassle to get David to unzip me every time the little one needed more food! We also got a little bouncy chair for Henrik and a new fancy shirt for David so it was all around successful shopping trip.

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