Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pounds and ounces are here to stay

To the great delight of majority of the British population it appears that EU has given up on England in their vain efforts to convert these islands to the use of metric measurements. In their stubborn denial of the usefulness of the metric system in comparison to the rather odd sounding imperial measurements the British still like to use the old measurements whenever possible. 

So for example they sell their milk in pints - but to get around the current EU legistlations they have the volume in the metric measurements...therefore we buy 4 pints of milk which is also 2.27 litres. When you go to the butchers, you hear everyone asking for a pound of this or half a pound of that rather than 500 grams or 250 grams. This even applies to babies, the computers are set to work on metric measurements but no one really knows what that means so the baby weights get converted into pounds and ounces...

Long live pounds, ounces, pints and gallons...I am slowly getting my head around to them and it would have been shame to have spent all the effort on trying to understand them just for the EU to get rid of them forever...but I do have to confess that I convert everything to metric measurements - I understand the imperial measurements whereas they don't make any sense to me! But if someone says 400 grams or 1.5 litres I know immediately what they are talking about!

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