Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pasta strike

It is definitely a news worthy week, first the Brits getting all exited about being allowed to cling to the imperial measurements and now the Italians encouraged to go on pasta strike for a day - that's like asking the English not to drink tea for a day or the Finnish to stop eating rye bread!

There is still no news of Wiggles arriving, I have been adviced that eating raw pineapple might be helpful but then google told be me that I would eat at least 8 pineapples a day for it to have an effect - so I think I might pass on that. We've got one more scan on Friday just to check that Wiggles is growing ok. My blood pressure has been up a bit as well over the last couple of weeks which is a bit annoying.

The weather has been really nice here for the last week or so. But you can really see that the autumn is coming especially if we go and take Moses for a walk a bit later than usual it is starting to get dark by the time we get back. The leaves haven't started turning yet but in the morning the air is definitely nippy. 

My plan for the day is to do some baking, I think. We'll see how my energy goes. We did go and buy some wool yesterday for me to knit a blanket for Wiggles so I might be tempted to do that.

Still on the imperial-metric note, if you want to see how well you know both of the measurements you can do a quiz here

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