Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Moonlight walk

The moon has been really amazing the last week. It must have been full moon some week ago or so and ever since the moon has been really big and bright. Also as it has been getting darker earlier we've had some really beautiful moonlit evenings. David had a wonderful idea of going for a moonlight walk on the beach last week but for many evenings one or both of us were too tired to go for a walk so we didn't manage to go until Monday night.

Off we drove to the beach, there was no one else in sight, we could see the starts, we could hear the waves crashing but there was no moon! We went for our walk regardless of the lack of lunar lighting but were a bit baffled as to why there was no moon (especially as I had seen it shining very brightly the night before). It was quite windy as well so it ended up being quite short walk...not a long romantic stroll in the moonlight as anticipated.

For some reason both of us woke up in the middle of the night - it was probably because of the mad dog who lives behind us barking - and there it was...bright, shiny moon...beaming across the gap in the curtains...only couple of hours too late...oh well, better luck next time.

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