Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bolam Lake

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous and we went to the Bolam lake with Richard & Beth and their boys to enjoy the outdoors and have a picnic. We had planned to have a lazy morning with lie-in and arranged to meet Richard and Beth at 11. However both of us are so used to getting up early in the morning that we woke up at 7.30 with no alarm clock, even with a cup of tea in bed we were ready to get up at 8.15...

So we decided to go to town and do some shopping before heading of on our outdoor pursuits. Our shopping was successful and Wiggles now has a changing table arriving on Wednesday and a changing mat as well as some hooded towels.

The way to R&B's follows to route we usually go to take Moses out for a walk so he was getting very exited in the back of the car as we drove on but the moment we turned away from our usual route his face fell and if he could speak I'm sure he would have told us we took the wrong turning!

The drive to the lake is pretty, it goes through countryside and little villages. Moses notably cheered up when he got out of the car and realised he was getting a walk after all :) After an amazing picnic lunch and Richard and David headed out on to the lake in an inflatable canoe. Moses was not really sure what to do when he saw his master getting on to this thing and heading away from the dry he jumped in and tried to round up the canoe. He was really good swimmer - much faster than we imagined he would be. After much persuasion I got him to come back to the pontoon rather than go for a swim around the lake behind the canoe ;)

The dinner is ready so I am off to eat but here are some pictures from yesterday:

Richard and David about to get into the canoe with the boys watching
The first wobbly paddles

Moses trying to round the canoe up

Moses taking off

Me & bump on an evening walk in the fields

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