Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Visiting the toon

Henrik had had his first visit to the city of Newcastle, aka toon, this morning. We have a wedding to go to this weekend in Plymouth and needed to do some shopping for that. It takes surprisingly long time to leave the house with him, making sure we have everything and that he is fed and changed etc. We didn't actually see that much of the town, just Eldon centre car park and John Lewis but it is a start in exploring the great wide world.

We hadn't taken the pram to bits since we got it and it took as a little while to figure out how to separate the top and bottom to collapse it. Thankfully with the help of internet it didn't take too long! I knew it wasn't very complicated to do it but I just couldn't remember what you were suppose to do...

Henrik charmed all the shop ladies, at some point there were five of them cooing over him. Our main mission was to find something for me to wear as all my dresses are not really suited for breast feeding and it would be bit of a hassle to get David to unzip me every time the little one needed more food! We also got a little bouncy chair for Henrik and a new fancy shirt for David so it was all around successful shopping trip.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The teddy bear suit

Henrik and the first outing of the teddy bear suit I knitted him, it was a bit big but he looked cute as always.

Friday, September 21, 2007

He is cute

Here is another picture of our gorgeous little boy just over a day old here.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

He has arrived

Wiggles is finally here. He is a gorgeous little boy :) We have named him Henrik Samuel. He was born on the 14th of September at 12.42 and weighed 6lb 7oz. More later but I am about to feed him again.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pasta strike

It is definitely a news worthy week, first the Brits getting all exited about being allowed to cling to the imperial measurements and now the Italians encouraged to go on pasta strike for a day - that's like asking the English not to drink tea for a day or the Finnish to stop eating rye bread!

There is still no news of Wiggles arriving, I have been adviced that eating raw pineapple might be helpful but then google told be me that I would eat at least 8 pineapples a day for it to have an effect - so I think I might pass on that. We've got one more scan on Friday just to check that Wiggles is growing ok. My blood pressure has been up a bit as well over the last couple of weeks which is a bit annoying.

The weather has been really nice here for the last week or so. But you can really see that the autumn is coming especially if we go and take Moses for a walk a bit later than usual it is starting to get dark by the time we get back. The leaves haven't started turning yet but in the morning the air is definitely nippy. 

My plan for the day is to do some baking, I think. We'll see how my energy goes. We did go and buy some wool yesterday for me to knit a blanket for Wiggles so I might be tempted to do that.

Still on the imperial-metric note, if you want to see how well you know both of the measurements you can do a quiz here

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pounds and ounces are here to stay

To the great delight of majority of the British population it appears that EU has given up on England in their vain efforts to convert these islands to the use of metric measurements. In their stubborn denial of the usefulness of the metric system in comparison to the rather odd sounding imperial measurements the British still like to use the old measurements whenever possible. 

So for example they sell their milk in pints - but to get around the current EU legistlations they have the volume in the metric measurements...therefore we buy 4 pints of milk which is also 2.27 litres. When you go to the butchers, you hear everyone asking for a pound of this or half a pound of that rather than 500 grams or 250 grams. This even applies to babies, the computers are set to work on metric measurements but no one really knows what that means so the baby weights get converted into pounds and ounces...

Long live pounds, ounces, pints and gallons...I am slowly getting my head around to them and it would have been shame to have spent all the effort on trying to understand them just for the EU to get rid of them forever...but I do have to confess that I convert everything to metric measurements - I understand the imperial measurements whereas they don't make any sense to me! But if someone says 400 grams or 1.5 litres I know immediately what they are talking about!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's Saturday already!

I have been getting lazy - it is Saturday and I haven't written a blog since Wednesday! It's been quite busy, that's my excuse anyway. On Thursday night I had the girls from work/uni around. We ordered pizza and ate some cake so all-a-round it was a nice evening.

On Friday we had a full on diy day, David was doing plastering and digging up in the garden and I was helping where I could. Last night we went out for a walk with Moses and didn't get back until it was quite late, it has started to get darker earlier up here so it was dusky when we walked through the woods and then we just got home and collapsed.

Today we were up at the crack of dawn, we are not really good at sleeping late! David brought me a lovely cup of tea to bed. The weather has been gorgeous and we (David) has been doing more diy, I have been the laundry lady and washing all the baby stuff we have. Moses has been busy chewing his bone. I think the plan for tonight is just to chill. Maybe go to the woods with Moses in case we are feeling energetic. I've just put a cardamom cake in the oven so we can't leave the house for the next half an hour so I am quite happy sitting on the sofa with my feet up for the time being :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Moonlight walk

The moon has been really amazing the last week. It must have been full moon some week ago or so and ever since the moon has been really big and bright. Also as it has been getting darker earlier we've had some really beautiful moonlit evenings. David had a wonderful idea of going for a moonlight walk on the beach last week but for many evenings one or both of us were too tired to go for a walk so we didn't manage to go until Monday night.

Off we drove to the beach, there was no one else in sight, we could see the starts, we could hear the waves crashing but there was no moon! We went for our walk regardless of the lack of lunar lighting but were a bit baffled as to why there was no moon (especially as I had seen it shining very brightly the night before). It was quite windy as well so it ended up being quite short walk...not a long romantic stroll in the moonlight as anticipated.

For some reason both of us woke up in the middle of the night - it was probably because of the mad dog who lives behind us barking - and there it was...bright, shiny moon...beaming across the gap in the curtains...only couple of hours too late...oh well, better luck next time.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bolam Lake

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous and we went to the Bolam lake with Richard & Beth and their boys to enjoy the outdoors and have a picnic. We had planned to have a lazy morning with lie-in and arranged to meet Richard and Beth at 11. However both of us are so used to getting up early in the morning that we woke up at 7.30 with no alarm clock, even with a cup of tea in bed we were ready to get up at 8.15...

So we decided to go to town and do some shopping before heading of on our outdoor pursuits. Our shopping was successful and Wiggles now has a changing table arriving on Wednesday and a changing mat as well as some hooded towels.

The way to R&B's follows to route we usually go to take Moses out for a walk so he was getting very exited in the back of the car as we drove on but the moment we turned away from our usual route his face fell and if he could speak I'm sure he would have told us we took the wrong turning!

The drive to the lake is pretty, it goes through countryside and little villages. Moses notably cheered up when he got out of the car and realised he was getting a walk after all :) After an amazing picnic lunch and Richard and David headed out on to the lake in an inflatable canoe. Moses was not really sure what to do when he saw his master getting on to this thing and heading away from the dry he jumped in and tried to round up the canoe. He was really good swimmer - much faster than we imagined he would be. After much persuasion I got him to come back to the pontoon rather than go for a swim around the lake behind the canoe ;)

The dinner is ready so I am off to eat but here are some pictures from yesterday:

Richard and David about to get into the canoe with the boys watching
The first wobbly paddles

Moses trying to round the canoe up

Moses taking off

Me & bump on an evening walk in the fields