Saturday, August 25, 2007

Some pics

Here are some pics from last weekend when we drove down south to see David's parents new house. I have amazed myself with my technical ability, I downloaded the pictures from David's camera to my desktop and then exported them to iphoto.

We've had quite a leisurely day today. We took Moses out for a walk in the morning, went to the supermarket, came back had some tea & cake and then walked to town to get some buttons from the knitting shop and some meat from the butchers. We also bought Moses a bone which he is enjoying in the garden at the moment. David is diy:ng and I am thinking of doing some knitting.

So here is the new house

Moses and Tara enjoying a break from playing
Tara licking her lips
Tara again
All of us enjoying cake...chocolate cake...very nice chocolate cake...

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