Monday, August 13, 2007

Moses' lucky night

Last night we went for a quick walk around the park before going to bed. Moses was very pleased by this and spent a happy half an hour running around and sniffing everything possible. He has this very funny habit of occasionally getting very worked up about something totally pointless and normal like a tree trunk or a rock. Last night it was a concrete blocking...we were happily walking along and then he suddenly started barking and growling like something very dangerous was ahead of us. You could see his hair standing up on the back of his neck and the teeth being bared - all for a lump of concrete!

When we got back we put him to bed, i.e. his cage. Then we realised he had moved all his blankets out of the cage in the course of the day so David let him out again and went hunting for the blankets while I put a loaf of bread on. After which we headed to bed.

This morning when we came downstairs Moses was very happily sitting at the bottom of the stairs with his tail wagging waiting to say hello to us...neither one of us had put him back to his cage last night! (but based on how the blankets were in the cage we think he must have at least slept in the cage)

On other dog news, David's mum's puppy Tara has qualified for crufts next year which is very exciting.

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