Friday, August 31, 2007

More knitted things

Wiggles is now fully prepared for a cold - hopefully snowy - northern winter. I had some left over wool in all sorts of odd shades and thought I could try to make something out of them for Wiggles and here are the results...very stripy little hat and even stripier all in one suit. I am quite pleased with my efforts.

I started making little booties yesterday but the pattern is very odd, I am convinced it is missing a stich somewhere, I started it three times and every time after couple of rows I had one stich too few. In the end I just added one stich and continued with the pattern. I've finished the first boot and it does actually look like a little boot but the pattern for them is definitely not my favourite! Never mind, Wiggles wont know that I had to add a stich to the pattern to make it work.

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