Friday, August 03, 2007

It's not only the sea gulls who have bad habits

I mentioned the sea gull stealing crisps some days ago, now it turns out it is not the only creature in similar pursuits. In Finland there is a squirrel which has taken a serious liking to kinder eggs (they are nice) and goes and helps himself twice a day to some chocolaty treats from the local shop!

The scan went well and Wiggles is growing as he/she should be. The doctor who did the scan said Wiggles weighed (if I remember correctly...he didn't write it down on the notes so can't check it) 4 pounds and 8 ounces which doesn't really mean anything to me...but I think it is about 2 kg...

David's work had a work BBQ last night which was fun. I got to meet most of the people David works with which was nice. I missed out on the ice cream though :( They had an ice cream van but I was quite full from the bbq food so I thought I'd wait a bit before getting an ice cream but before I had suitably digested the ice cream van left. They also had a bouncy castle and climbing wall, the climbing wall was suppose to be for adults but I think I only saw two adults trying it! I decided against trying as the harness would have hardly gone over my bump and I am not the sportiest person to start with...

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