Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It must be summer

It has been sunny since must be summer finally. It was even nearly hot yesterday - definitely sign of summer. We took Moses out and he seemed to appreciate it as usual. David took his camera out as well (see sample above) which meant the walk took double the time it usually does and not because of my slow walking speed up hills!

We have Wiggle's final scan today which should be very exiting...still haven't scan in the pictures of all the other ones but maybe after this one as there is no more to come before Wiggles appears.

I went to the library yesterday to see if they had any helpful looking books which might be worth reading about birth and came to the conclusion I went to the wrong library...being medical school library (the closest to my office) it was full books size of a tomb stone about obstetrics, as interesting as it is to know from the medical point of view what is happening I was looking for something I could read without a dictionary!

Ok, it's time to go to uni...I am still undecided if I trust the weather truly to be summer weather and wear a skirt or play it safe and wear trousers...

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