Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It is cold, cold, cold

There has been reports about Indian summer coming this way but so far there is no sign of is freezing cold. I am sitting with long sleeved top on wondering if I should go and find my woolly socks and a thick jumper to keep me warm. Moses however does not seem to have the same problem in his nice warm fur coat.

We drove down south last weekend to see David's parents new house, they moved in couple of weeks ago. We came Amy a lift back and didn't get to home until very late last night. I am kind of wondering what to do with myself as I am finished at uni for time being. I guess I probably should go and do some tidying up or something else productive - or maybe bake something.

Wiggles got given this very sweet musical teddy bear by people from uni, it plays a lullaby when you pull it's tail! David's brother has also very kindly bought Wiggles a baby sized Arsenal outfit...

We had a good time down south. Moses was very pleased to be playing with Tara. They spent most of the time running around and chewing each others ears. They were also standing on their back legs and bear hugging each other, looking like a pair of wrestlers - very funny to follow.

My toes are freezing cold now so I'll have to go and find some woolly socks to warm them up :(

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