Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cakes and penguins

After last year when I didn't bake David's birthday cake on time I was prepared this year, he had two cakes and a pie! Amy made the chocolate cake and I made the strawberry & cream one and it is all gone! We had some people around from church for a bbq yesterday afternoon as the weather was sunny. David has been telling everyone that I bake amazing cakes so of course I had to bake a cake ;) and even though it was not on his birthday I was forgiven this time as I had made sure before hand that he didn't mind the cake being couple of days late.

And the ladies did all the washing up afterwards which was brilliant :) It was nice to have everyone around and enjoy the sunshine. Moses loved every minute of it, the kids had fun playing with him and he was absolutely exhausted when they all left.

Last night after Amy left, we watched the march of the penguins which was incredible. The little baby penguins were really sweet. It was amazing to see how well adjusted the penguins were to the harsh conditions and how they worked together to stay alive in the freezing temperatures. It was really touching to see the hardships they went through. I've never really thought about if animals have emotions or not but it was incredible how the penguins seemed to be able to feel emotions like sadness when they lost an egg. I would recommend anyone who hasn't seen the march of hte penguins yet to see it, it is brilliant.

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