Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Autumn is on it's way?

It has been raining here again, not as much as in the Philippines, but raining anyway. So officially the summer, all two weeks of it, are over. Poor Moses didn't get his evening walk yesterday as it was tipping it down with rain when we got home and it was so much more comfortable sitting at the sofa witha nice cup of tea than wading through the puddles and mud in the woods.
So instead we watched a kid's dvd called 'it's a boy' - a nativity story told from the viewpoint of three quails. It was fun and not too long. Moses approved on the theme tune and joined in with some howling. We haven't watched tv for a long time, i.e. since Wimbledon finished (there should be a pay as you watch tv licence rather than an annual one!) but there was a bond film on after we finished our dvd and we cought the last half an hour of it which was a good laugh, especially in the end where they are suppose to be in a beach hut somehwere in Korea but it was filmed in Cornwall with some bamboos stuck outside of it!

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