Thursday, August 30, 2007

And you wonder why...

...Americans think there are polar bears walking on the streets of Helsinki. One of my old school friends was an exchange student in Tennessee and I remember her telling after a while she got tired of correcting people and just went along to this and many other geographically incorrect beliefs about Finland which all appeared to reinforce the image of Americans being quite ignorant of anything outside their own country, let alone their state.

Thankfully not all Americans are as ignorant as that but there are some who keep popping up just when you started to believe that Americans do know something about the world outside their own state...the perfect example is the Miss Teen USA - South Carolina answering a question about why so few Americans can point out America on the map. The poor girl would probably make a good politician, she didn't answer the question at all but somehow got talking about how the US school system should do more to help countries like Iraq and South Africa...I did wonder if she knew what a map looked like ;)

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