Thursday, August 09, 2007

All quiet on the blogging front

David has been updating his website for the last couple of days so I have hardly had a chance to touch the computer. But his website is looking good. It still needs bit of tweeking and adding to here and there but most of it is as it should be. You can go and have a look of it here if you like. He also designed a logo for the website which I think looks pretty good.

On the diy front the tiles for the kitchen have arrived so we will be tiling tonight. And then it is juts paining and the kitchen will look amazing.

On Wiggles front, we had our first antenatal class yesterday where we got told all about birth, were showed some pictures (like the boards they use to have at school for different animals etc before the electronic era) and took us on a tour around the maternity ward. It was in the midst of being painted and decorated as they are turning it into a midwife led birthing centre rather than a doctor lead maternity unit. It was surprisingly cosy but still smelled of paint everywhere!

Moses had a good day too yesterday...he got two walks! One in the morning, I happily stayed in bed but David took him to the woods at 6.15 am and one in the evening. The antenatal class finished earlier than we thought and it looked like it was going to be a lovely sunset so we headed to the woods again. Moses definitely seemed to appreciate it!

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