Friday, August 31, 2007

More knitted things

Wiggles is now fully prepared for a cold - hopefully snowy - northern winter. I had some left over wool in all sorts of odd shades and thought I could try to make something out of them for Wiggles and here are the results...very stripy little hat and even stripier all in one suit. I am quite pleased with my efforts.

I started making little booties yesterday but the pattern is very odd, I am convinced it is missing a stich somewhere, I started it three times and every time after couple of rows I had one stich too few. In the end I just added one stich and continued with the pattern. I've finished the first boot and it does actually look like a little boot but the pattern for them is definitely not my favourite! Never mind, Wiggles wont know that I had to add a stich to the pattern to make it work.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

And you wonder why...

...Americans think there are polar bears walking on the streets of Helsinki. One of my old school friends was an exchange student in Tennessee and I remember her telling after a while she got tired of correcting people and just went along to this and many other geographically incorrect beliefs about Finland which all appeared to reinforce the image of Americans being quite ignorant of anything outside their own country, let alone their state.

Thankfully not all Americans are as ignorant as that but there are some who keep popping up just when you started to believe that Americans do know something about the world outside their own state...the perfect example is the Miss Teen USA - South Carolina answering a question about why so few Americans can point out America on the map. The poor girl would probably make a good politician, she didn't answer the question at all but somehow got talking about how the US school system should do more to help countries like Iraq and South Africa...I did wonder if she knew what a map looked like ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cakes and penguins

After last year when I didn't bake David's birthday cake on time I was prepared this year, he had two cakes and a pie! Amy made the chocolate cake and I made the strawberry & cream one and it is all gone! We had some people around from church for a bbq yesterday afternoon as the weather was sunny. David has been telling everyone that I bake amazing cakes so of course I had to bake a cake ;) and even though it was not on his birthday I was forgiven this time as I had made sure before hand that he didn't mind the cake being couple of days late.

And the ladies did all the washing up afterwards which was brilliant :) It was nice to have everyone around and enjoy the sunshine. Moses loved every minute of it, the kids had fun playing with him and he was absolutely exhausted when they all left.

Last night after Amy left, we watched the march of the penguins which was incredible. The little baby penguins were really sweet. It was amazing to see how well adjusted the penguins were to the harsh conditions and how they worked together to stay alive in the freezing temperatures. It was really touching to see the hardships they went through. I've never really thought about if animals have emotions or not but it was incredible how the penguins seemed to be able to feel emotions like sadness when they lost an egg. I would recommend anyone who hasn't seen the march of hte penguins yet to see it, it is brilliant.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Some pics

Here are some pics from last weekend when we drove down south to see David's parents new house. I have amazed myself with my technical ability, I downloaded the pictures from David's camera to my desktop and then exported them to iphoto.

We've had quite a leisurely day today. We took Moses out for a walk in the morning, went to the supermarket, came back had some tea & cake and then walked to town to get some buttons from the knitting shop and some meat from the butchers. We also bought Moses a bone which he is enjoying in the garden at the moment. David is diy:ng and I am thinking of doing some knitting.

So here is the new house

Moses and Tara enjoying a break from playing
Tara licking her lips
Tara again
All of us enjoying cake...chocolate cake...very nice chocolate cake...

Thursday, August 23, 2007


It is David's birthday today :) I had fun shopping for a present yesterday. I decided to stay in Whitley Bay rather than go to town as I had seen quite a few things in the shops here that he might like. Unfortunately someone else had seen them as well and bought them :( but I found something nice in the end.

We are hoping to go out for a meal tonight, the last one before Wiggles. We read about this little restaurant on the sea front and went and had a quick peek at it last night on our way back from walking Moses and it looked quite nice so we thought we'll give it ago.

I have been bitten by baking bug in the last couple of days. I made some korvapuusti day before yesterday and today I have made a piimakakku, kind of spicy soft cake, it's baking at the moment. I had a good plan of freezing some but I haven't got any freezer bags so we might have to go for a plan b instead and eat all the cake. It is still in the oven and it is smelling pretty good...maybe I better go and check how it is doing...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It is cold, cold, cold

There has been reports about Indian summer coming this way but so far there is no sign of is freezing cold. I am sitting with long sleeved top on wondering if I should go and find my woolly socks and a thick jumper to keep me warm. Moses however does not seem to have the same problem in his nice warm fur coat.

We drove down south last weekend to see David's parents new house, they moved in couple of weeks ago. We came Amy a lift back and didn't get to home until very late last night. I am kind of wondering what to do with myself as I am finished at uni for time being. I guess I probably should go and do some tidying up or something else productive - or maybe bake something.

Wiggles got given this very sweet musical teddy bear by people from uni, it plays a lullaby when you pull it's tail! David's brother has also very kindly bought Wiggles a baby sized Arsenal outfit...

We had a good time down south. Moses was very pleased to be playing with Tara. They spent most of the time running around and chewing each others ears. They were also standing on their back legs and bear hugging each other, looking like a pair of wrestlers - very funny to follow.

My toes are freezing cold now so I'll have to go and find some woolly socks to warm them up :(

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Autumn is on it's way?

It has been raining here again, not as much as in the Philippines, but raining anyway. So officially the summer, all two weeks of it, are over. Poor Moses didn't get his evening walk yesterday as it was tipping it down with rain when we got home and it was so much more comfortable sitting at the sofa witha nice cup of tea than wading through the puddles and mud in the woods.
So instead we watched a kid's dvd called 'it's a boy' - a nativity story told from the viewpoint of three quails. It was fun and not too long. Moses approved on the theme tune and joined in with some howling. We haven't watched tv for a long time, i.e. since Wimbledon finished (there should be a pay as you watch tv licence rather than an annual one!) but there was a bond film on after we finished our dvd and we cought the last half an hour of it which was a good laugh, especially in the end where they are suppose to be in a beach hut somehwere in Korea but it was filmed in Cornwall with some bamboos stuck outside of it!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Moses' lucky night

Last night we went for a quick walk around the park before going to bed. Moses was very pleased by this and spent a happy half an hour running around and sniffing everything possible. He has this very funny habit of occasionally getting very worked up about something totally pointless and normal like a tree trunk or a rock. Last night it was a concrete blocking...we were happily walking along and then he suddenly started barking and growling like something very dangerous was ahead of us. You could see his hair standing up on the back of his neck and the teeth being bared - all for a lump of concrete!

When we got back we put him to bed, i.e. his cage. Then we realised he had moved all his blankets out of the cage in the course of the day so David let him out again and went hunting for the blankets while I put a loaf of bread on. After which we headed to bed.

This morning when we came downstairs Moses was very happily sitting at the bottom of the stairs with his tail wagging waiting to say hello to us...neither one of us had put him back to his cage last night! (but based on how the blankets were in the cage we think he must have at least slept in the cage)

On other dog news, David's mum's puppy Tara has qualified for crufts next year which is very exciting.

Friday, August 10, 2007


In case you can have some spare time you can go and see what you would look like as a Simpson's here are the new portraits of David and me...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

All quiet on the blogging front

David has been updating his website for the last couple of days so I have hardly had a chance to touch the computer. But his website is looking good. It still needs bit of tweeking and adding to here and there but most of it is as it should be. You can go and have a look of it here if you like. He also designed a logo for the website which I think looks pretty good.

On the diy front the tiles for the kitchen have arrived so we will be tiling tonight. And then it is juts paining and the kitchen will look amazing.

On Wiggles front, we had our first antenatal class yesterday where we got told all about birth, were showed some pictures (like the boards they use to have at school for different animals etc before the electronic era) and took us on a tour around the maternity ward. It was in the midst of being painted and decorated as they are turning it into a midwife led birthing centre rather than a doctor lead maternity unit. It was surprisingly cosy but still smelled of paint everywhere!

Moses had a good day too yesterday...he got two walks! One in the morning, I happily stayed in bed but David took him to the woods at 6.15 am and one in the evening. The antenatal class finished earlier than we thought and it looked like it was going to be a lovely sunset so we headed to the woods again. Moses definitely seemed to appreciate it!

Monday, August 06, 2007

and here is the pic

So here are my latest master pieces, a little hat and a vest. I did think about dressing the teddy bears up again but their heads are not very round...

I had some of the green wool left from the cardigan and I thought I had enough for the vest but it turned out I was little bit short of what I needed so I had to go and buy and other ball of wool. After I finished the vest I had some left and I thought I had enough for the hat, towards the end of it I was getting quite worried thinking that I didn't have enough and I would have to go and buy yet an other ball of the wool but thankfully I had just enough :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007


I have spent the evening knitting...or rather finishing the things I've knitted. I've put together a little hat and am in the middle of sewing together a little cardigan for Wiggles. It takes surprisingly long time, knitting is the quick part but putting it all together is really time consuming. My pillow is calling me so I am off to bed but I'll take some pics of my hat and the cardigan tomorrow and put them up (provided that I can get the computer of David, he has spent the last couple of days redesigning his website).

Friday, August 03, 2007

It's not only the sea gulls who have bad habits

I mentioned the sea gull stealing crisps some days ago, now it turns out it is not the only creature in similar pursuits. In Finland there is a squirrel which has taken a serious liking to kinder eggs (they are nice) and goes and helps himself twice a day to some chocolaty treats from the local shop!

The scan went well and Wiggles is growing as he/she should be. The doctor who did the scan said Wiggles weighed (if I remember correctly...he didn't write it down on the notes so can't check it) 4 pounds and 8 ounces which doesn't really mean anything to me...but I think it is about 2 kg...

David's work had a work BBQ last night which was fun. I got to meet most of the people David works with which was nice. I missed out on the ice cream though :( They had an ice cream van but I was quite full from the bbq food so I thought I'd wait a bit before getting an ice cream but before I had suitably digested the ice cream van left. They also had a bouncy castle and climbing wall, the climbing wall was suppose to be for adults but I think I only saw two adults trying it! I decided against trying as the harness would have hardly gone over my bump and I am not the sportiest person to start with...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It must be summer

It has been sunny since must be summer finally. It was even nearly hot yesterday - definitely sign of summer. We took Moses out and he seemed to appreciate it as usual. David took his camera out as well (see sample above) which meant the walk took double the time it usually does and not because of my slow walking speed up hills!

We have Wiggle's final scan today which should be very exiting...still haven't scan in the pictures of all the other ones but maybe after this one as there is no more to come before Wiggles appears.

I went to the library yesterday to see if they had any helpful looking books which might be worth reading about birth and came to the conclusion I went to the wrong library...being medical school library (the closest to my office) it was full books size of a tomb stone about obstetrics, as interesting as it is to know from the medical point of view what is happening I was looking for something I could read without a dictionary!

Ok, it's time to go to uni...I am still undecided if I trust the weather truly to be summer weather and wear a skirt or play it safe and wear trousers...