Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today's headlines

For the last couple of weeks the headlines in England have been all about the floods, which is fair enough as it has been raining quite a lot in some parts of the country. However sometimes you get bored with the real news and want to hear something else. That's why I like random news...the ones that are not really news but just make you smile. You quite often get them in the local news when not much has happened...very inconsequential but heart warming or funny stories.

They seem to have realized that people like stories like that on the BBC news website and more often than not you can find a 'silly' news story amongst all the serious ones. Todays silly story is about a seagull that has taken into has developed a taste for cheesy doritos and goes and helps himself from the local corner shop shelves whenever he fancies some! An other funny story today was about participants in the rally to Mongolia* who were competing in an ice cream van of all cars.

*an alternative for a summer holiday, Mongol Rally usually taken place in July when 200 cars race from London to Mongolia to race money for charities in cars that can't have engine bigger than 1l

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