Sunday, July 01, 2007

SuNdAy AfTeRnOoN

The weekend has flown by again. On Friday night we made a trip to ikea to by some base units for the breakfast bar and to have some meatballs (the real reason of going...). Consequently David spend most of Saturday putting them together. We also took Moses to the woods and had a lovely walk. I made a lasagne for dinner. We had this really nice lasagne while we were in Italy so I thought of trying replicate it. My effort was really nice but it wasn't as creamy as the one we had so I'll have to experiment again.

Today we surprised everyone by being at church early! And the one week we were early they started was nice to see everyone again. The weather forecast said it was going to be clear (or rather not rain) until 4pm so we took Moses out in teh afternoon after church in order to avoid getting wet. Pretty much when we got to the woods the heavens opened...the weather man was wrong!

The river that runs through the woods was pretty swollen on Saturday but it was crazy today, never seen it so big. It could have been from an advert for white water rafting...I was surprised how many people were in teh woods regardless of the rain...we kind of have to go because otherwise we have dog with too much energy...we probably saw 10 other people in the woods and only 4 of them had dogs...the other 6 were just walking for their pleasure in the the house smells like a wet dog. We've put the heating on so hopefully Moses will go and lie next to the radiator to dry off.

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