Sunday, July 08, 2007

Strawberries and cream

We have just watched the Wimbledon men's singles final and enjoyed it thoroughly. We both wanted Federer to win and he did which is even better. We also watched the women's final yesterday but that wasn't as exiting, Venus Williams just muscled her way through to the victory with no real trouble. So Wimbledon is over for an other year and I didn't even have any strawberries and cream not any Pimm's.

The weekend has gone really quickly, David did lots of diy yesterday and I did some gardening. Today we've spent the afternoon with a couple from church watching tennis, eating and chatting. Moses came along as well and he had some fun playing with a toddler.

The bump has grown into a proper bump now and I get random people patting it which is very weird. Some of them check with me before hand to see if it is ok, others just pat it...

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