Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh dear

I have been getting blogs since last Tuesday, that is scandalous! We've been busy doing the kitchen, or David has and I've just helped him here and there by holding some things. The breakfast bar is in and now the only thing left to do is tiling and painting. I did actually do some wall paper steaming so my contribution to the kitchen has been more than just holding some screws.

The weekend went really quickly and it nearly felt like summer was didn't rain at all until Sunday evening. We had Craig and Kerina up last night for a meal and that was really nice. They stayed over night which meant that we could sit and chat for the whole evening. We bought some sea bass some time ago from the super market and it has been sitting in the freezer ever since so we cooked that as Kerina doesn't eat any meat and it was so tasty :)

On Saturday one of the girls at uni had a BBQ around her house and we went along and had lovely time. We were both quite tired as we had been working really hard all day, David doing diy and I did some cleaning...because the sun hasn't been shining this summer I haven't realised how dirty the windows were but the moment the sun came out you could see all the dirt...and I just had to wash them, I've only done the front windows so if the sun comes out next weekend I'll do the ones in the back of the house too.

So here is a rambling update from the weekend. I did some knitting as well and nearly finished a little vest, once I've done so I"ll take a picture and put it here, it looks very cute...Wiggles will definitely be the best dressed baby in the North East!

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