Friday, July 20, 2007

Narrow boating

We are off for a weekend on a narrow boat/canal boat/barge. Some of David's family friends have taken 6 months off to go around England on their canal boat and they are up 'this way' (about 3 hours drive away) so we are off to see them for a weekend.

Unfortunately the weather forecast does not look good. Rain. More rain. Even more rain. So we might end up having a very cosy weekend sitting inside the boat drinking tea and hot chocolate. Moses is going for a visit to the pastor and his wife whose sons love him so he should have a nice weekend full of cuddles and lots of people playing with him. They looked after him when we went to Italy so he must have behaved himself reasonably well as they are happy to have him again.

I've packed lots of warm clothes and now I am off to do some washing up so we can have a nice clean kitchen when we get back :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend and with more sunshine than it looks like we are going to have!

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