Sunday, July 15, 2007

More rainy days

It is raining again. Yesterday the weather was nice and we enjoyed it...even had an ice cream in the garden to celebrate it. Amy came up for the weekend and we had nice time together, not doing much. There was a fellowship lunch at church today so Amy and I spent yesterday afternoon baking for it. We also watched some Vicar of Dibley in the evening which was very amusing.

The lunch was really nice...there was enough food to feed an army and nearly enough left overs to equal the baskets full of left overs the disciples had after feeding the 5000!

The rainy weather is not good for drying the takes ages to dry inside. I usually take the risk and hang it outside if there is even little bit of hope for couple of hours of dry weather and hope that I notice when it starts raining and have enough time to save the washing before it gets too wet.

Both David and Moses are snoozing. David with his feet up on the sofa and Moses with his feet up on the floor next to the sofa...very endearing. If I had a camera on me I'd take a picture but the moment I move to go and get one Moses will get up very exited as it is his dinner time.

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