Saturday, July 07, 2007

Health and safety issues...

Last week there was a whole army of emails sent at work about health and safety. Most people have kettles or coffee makers in their office so one of them was aimed at making hot drinks in your office and we were all requested to place it next to the 'tea making facilities'. There were other ones for clearing paper jams from photocopiers as well as filling in the paper trays...never knew life in the office could be so dangerous!

So to inform you all on the dangers of making hot drinks especially in an office environment here is the health and safety guide for making hot drinks, please feel free to print it, laminate it and put it next to your kettle...

  • Spilling water on electrical components could cause electric shock
  • Causing a slipping hazard from spilled water
  • Scalding from spilling boiled water
  • Portable appliance testing to be carried out regularly
  • Switch off appliances or detach from supply before filling*
  • Mop up any spills with paper towels. If spill is significant, put up notices to alert colleagues
  • Place kettles/cups to be filled on a stable surface at a safe distance from staff working in the vicinity
  • When pouring boiling water, do not allow colleagues in the vicinity to distract you
  • When carrying cups filled with hot liquid, be careful when opening doors and seek assistance if necessary
  • Ensure tea/coffee making facilities located safe distance from other staff in event of a spillage
Happy and safe tea and coffee making to you all! We are off to take the dog out for a walk.

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