Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh dear

I have been getting blogs since last Tuesday, that is scandalous! We've been busy doing the kitchen, or David has and I've just helped him here and there by holding some things. The breakfast bar is in and now the only thing left to do is tiling and painting. I did actually do some wall paper steaming so my contribution to the kitchen has been more than just holding some screws.

The weekend went really quickly and it nearly felt like summer was didn't rain at all until Sunday evening. We had Craig and Kerina up last night for a meal and that was really nice. They stayed over night which meant that we could sit and chat for the whole evening. We bought some sea bass some time ago from the super market and it has been sitting in the freezer ever since so we cooked that as Kerina doesn't eat any meat and it was so tasty :)

On Saturday one of the girls at uni had a BBQ around her house and we went along and had lovely time. We were both quite tired as we had been working really hard all day, David doing diy and I did some cleaning...because the sun hasn't been shining this summer I haven't realised how dirty the windows were but the moment the sun came out you could see all the dirt...and I just had to wash them, I've only done the front windows so if the sun comes out next weekend I'll do the ones in the back of the house too.

So here is a rambling update from the weekend. I did some knitting as well and nearly finished a little vest, once I've done so I"ll take a picture and put it here, it looks very cute...Wiggles will definitely be the best dressed baby in the North East!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today's headlines

For the last couple of weeks the headlines in England have been all about the floods, which is fair enough as it has been raining quite a lot in some parts of the country. However sometimes you get bored with the real news and want to hear something else. That's why I like random news...the ones that are not really news but just make you smile. You quite often get them in the local news when not much has happened...very inconsequential but heart warming or funny stories.

They seem to have realized that people like stories like that on the BBC news website and more often than not you can find a 'silly' news story amongst all the serious ones. Todays silly story is about a seagull that has taken into has developed a taste for cheesy doritos and goes and helps himself from the local corner shop shelves whenever he fancies some! An other funny story today was about participants in the rally to Mongolia* who were competing in an ice cream van of all cars.

*an alternative for a summer holiday, Mongol Rally usually taken place in July when 200 cars race from London to Mongolia to race money for charities in cars that can't have engine bigger than 1l

Monday, July 23, 2007

Narrow boating weekend

We had a lovely weekend on the narrow boat. We met Martin and Victoria in Cheddleton which is on Caldon Canal on Friday night after a very long journey down from Newcastle. We moored up on this beautiful spot in the middle of nowhere and had a relaxed evening.

On Saturday morning we headed up the canal towards Stoke on Trent. The weather wasn't the best but the rain wasn't too bad. The countryside was beautiful. At some point we went under a aqueduct that had a canal running on it. Unfortunately there was no boat crossing it when we went under so it just looks like us going under a bridge. The boat is about 60 feet long so the two small figures you can see in the end of the boat are Martin and David.

There were quite a few locks on the way and it was good fun doing them. If we had been on the boat for a bit longer we would have got seriously muscly arms...
Victoria and David opening the lock.
A wonky picture of me peeking through the front doors of the boat.
Me & Wiggles sitting on the side of the boat.
We moored overnight in Stoke. David and I slept in the boat man;s cabin which was traditionally the part where the boatman and his family lived. It was very cosy...smaller than or bathroom and in the oldern days you would have had a family living there. It was a bit like camping but nicer. People also used to be a bit smaller so we had to sleep a bit diagnally in order to have our legs straight! It was really nice waking up in the morning, hearing the birds and odd passing ducks making noise.

On Sunday we had a lazy morning and then headed to Congleston via Kidderminster on the Trent and Mersey canal. The sun came out for a short period of time just before we were about to enter the Harecastle Tunnel for the next 40 minutes! And when we got out on the other side it was cloudy again.

David got off at Kidderminster and very bravely cycled back to the car (as we had gone through the tunnel he could go all the way along the tow path and had to take a 'short cut' through the Staffordshire moorlands with some pretty big hills to cycle) meanwhile we carried on to Macclesfield Canal and headed towards Congleston.

It was nice to go away for the weekend and we both really enjoyed ourselves. Apart from doing the locks there wasn't much to do so we chatted a lot and I did some knitting. All in all we had a lovely weekend and definitely prefer narrow boating to sailing. Moses also had a lovely weekend with Alan and Jackie. We did see quite a few dogs on the boats so once he is a bit more docile and mature we might take him with us...but that might be good few years yet!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Narrow boating

We are off for a weekend on a narrow boat/canal boat/barge. Some of David's family friends have taken 6 months off to go around England on their canal boat and they are up 'this way' (about 3 hours drive away) so we are off to see them for a weekend.

Unfortunately the weather forecast does not look good. Rain. More rain. Even more rain. So we might end up having a very cosy weekend sitting inside the boat drinking tea and hot chocolate. Moses is going for a visit to the pastor and his wife whose sons love him so he should have a nice weekend full of cuddles and lots of people playing with him. They looked after him when we went to Italy so he must have behaved himself reasonably well as they are happy to have him again.

I've packed lots of warm clothes and now I am off to do some washing up so we can have a nice clean kitchen when we get back :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend and with more sunshine than it looks like we are going to have!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

One more reason to love my amazing husband

I have recently discovered one more reason why I think David is amazing. Last week we had my old school friend from Finland and her boyfriend over for couple of days. It was really nice to see them and we had a lovely time...especially as they brought me some Fazer chocolate (it is the best in the world)!

In the course of the couple of days they were here I noticed something amazing David does that I had never noticed before...and we have been married 6.5 years...he always puts the toilet seat down after going to the loo! I was really gobsmacked that I had never noticed it before, but then I guess I am used to having the toilet seat down more often than up - coming from a family where girls outnumber boys by 10 to 2 ;)

And it didn't take me long to realize how much I appreciate it as well - I found having to put the toilet seat down very frustrating! So there we are...that is one more reason why David is amazing :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More of David's photos

David has a flickr account where you can go and have a look of some of his photos if you got spare time. I am about to go and have a shower before heading into uni so this is short and sweet message!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

More rainy days

It is raining again. Yesterday the weather was nice and we enjoyed it...even had an ice cream in the garden to celebrate it. Amy came up for the weekend and we had nice time together, not doing much. There was a fellowship lunch at church today so Amy and I spent yesterday afternoon baking for it. We also watched some Vicar of Dibley in the evening which was very amusing.

The lunch was really nice...there was enough food to feed an army and nearly enough left overs to equal the baskets full of left overs the disciples had after feeding the 5000!

The rainy weather is not good for drying the takes ages to dry inside. I usually take the risk and hang it outside if there is even little bit of hope for couple of hours of dry weather and hope that I notice when it starts raining and have enough time to save the washing before it gets too wet.

Both David and Moses are snoozing. David with his feet up on the sofa and Moses with his feet up on the floor next to the sofa...very endearing. If I had a camera on me I'd take a picture but the moment I move to go and get one Moses will get up very exited as it is his dinner time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wiggles has a car seat

We bought a car seat for Wiggles today. We officially went to buy shoes for David as his shoes died this morning and he needed some more. We thought we'd have a look of car seats while we were at John Lewis.

We didn't really know a thing about car seats but this very helpful lady told us lots about them...never knew there was that much to car seats...but it turned out they had one on the sale , reduced from £90 to £35!!! It didn't take us too long to decide that was the one we were going to buy. It's dark blue with denim edging and hood. It looks very smart and we are very happy and hopefully Wiggles will be happy in it :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Strawberries and cream

We have just watched the Wimbledon men's singles final and enjoyed it thoroughly. We both wanted Federer to win and he did which is even better. We also watched the women's final yesterday but that wasn't as exiting, Venus Williams just muscled her way through to the victory with no real trouble. So Wimbledon is over for an other year and I didn't even have any strawberries and cream not any Pimm's.

The weekend has gone really quickly, David did lots of diy yesterday and I did some gardening. Today we've spent the afternoon with a couple from church watching tennis, eating and chatting. Moses came along as well and he had some fun playing with a toddler.

The bump has grown into a proper bump now and I get random people patting it which is very weird. Some of them check with me before hand to see if it is ok, others just pat it...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Health and safety issues...

Last week there was a whole army of emails sent at work about health and safety. Most people have kettles or coffee makers in their office so one of them was aimed at making hot drinks in your office and we were all requested to place it next to the 'tea making facilities'. There were other ones for clearing paper jams from photocopiers as well as filling in the paper trays...never knew life in the office could be so dangerous!

So to inform you all on the dangers of making hot drinks especially in an office environment here is the health and safety guide for making hot drinks, please feel free to print it, laminate it and put it next to your kettle...

  • Spilling water on electrical components could cause electric shock
  • Causing a slipping hazard from spilled water
  • Scalding from spilling boiled water
  • Portable appliance testing to be carried out regularly
  • Switch off appliances or detach from supply before filling*
  • Mop up any spills with paper towels. If spill is significant, put up notices to alert colleagues
  • Place kettles/cups to be filled on a stable surface at a safe distance from staff working in the vicinity
  • When pouring boiling water, do not allow colleagues in the vicinity to distract you
  • When carrying cups filled with hot liquid, be careful when opening doors and seek assistance if necessary
  • Ensure tea/coffee making facilities located safe distance from other staff in event of a spillage
Happy and safe tea and coffee making to you all! We are off to take the dog out for a walk.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A comic moment...

One of the things I didn't realize before pregnancy was that you get cramps - in the middle of the night! I haven't had too many so far but it is very annoying waking up with your foot contracting and it feels like it is never going to always does but I like my sleep so to be woken up by anything else than David bringing me a nice cup of tea and a good morning kiss is not very well welcomed!

Also Wiggles is using my bladder as a cushion at the moment which results in far too many trips to the toilet during the night. Couple of nights ago I was getting up to go to the loo and the moment I put my foot down on the ground I got a cramp in it...which meant I couldn't put any weight on it and ended up stumbling over and ended up on the floor on my back trying to stretch my foot to get the cramp to go away...

Thankfully I didn't hurt myself with this tumble and I can see the funny side of it did look quite amusing, me on the floor waving my feet frantically and the surprising thing is that I didn't even wake up David, he did mumble something but he couldn't remember anything about it in the morning!

I had another scan yesterday and Wiggles is growing well, they estimated Wiggles to weight 1.3 kilos and he/she has moved from breech to normal way around, i.e. head down. Italian ice cream must have done miracles for Wiggles as in the last scan Wiggles was in the smallest 5% but now he/she was on top of the growth charts!

The sun is finally shining here so hopefully the summer is on it's way...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oily clothes

David has been getting his clothes messy recently in assembling the ROV (remotely operated vehicles) they do. He has got big blue pair of overalls but sometimes the oil gets through that as well!

My gift of guessing when clothes are oily and should be washed with svarfega is not growing at the same rate than the number of messy clothes...consequently I have managed to stain quite a few items of his clothing permanently...unless someone has expert advice to share with me of how to get oily stains of already washed clothes...

So my todays job alongside meeting my supervisor and entertaining some Finnish guests is to go to marks and Spencer and buy a cheap pair of jeans for David that he can mess as much as he likes. Hopefully I'll manage to pick up a pair that fits him...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

SuNdAy AfTeRnOoN

The weekend has flown by again. On Friday night we made a trip to ikea to by some base units for the breakfast bar and to have some meatballs (the real reason of going...). Consequently David spend most of Saturday putting them together. We also took Moses to the woods and had a lovely walk. I made a lasagne for dinner. We had this really nice lasagne while we were in Italy so I thought of trying replicate it. My effort was really nice but it wasn't as creamy as the one we had so I'll have to experiment again.

Today we surprised everyone by being at church early! And the one week we were early they started was nice to see everyone again. The weather forecast said it was going to be clear (or rather not rain) until 4pm so we took Moses out in teh afternoon after church in order to avoid getting wet. Pretty much when we got to the woods the heavens opened...the weather man was wrong!

The river that runs through the woods was pretty swollen on Saturday but it was crazy today, never seen it so big. It could have been from an advert for white water rafting...I was surprised how many people were in teh woods regardless of the rain...we kind of have to go because otherwise we have dog with too much energy...we probably saw 10 other people in the woods and only 4 of them had dogs...the other 6 were just walking for their pleasure in the the house smells like a wet dog. We've put the heating on so hopefully Moses will go and lie next to the radiator to dry off.