Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ye a'reet?*

Some people at church organised a Geordie neet (night) to raise money for pregnancy councelling centre the church is starting. So Sunday night was dedicated to all things Geordie. There must have been about 80 of us and it was good fun. And we even had true northern food - pie and mushy peas.

We sang lots of Geordie songs (we even heard the Geordie national anthem), thankfully they had provided sheets with the words on but sometimes it took rather a long time to work out which song was being sung...

Between the jokes and the songs there was a quiz. It must have had 4 or 5 different rounds ranging from translating Geordie words to English to recognising places and famous Geordie faces. Against all odds our table won, regardless of having the most foreigners (South African, Finn, Southerner (David) and a Yorkshire lass) in our team. And the prize was worth it - big tin of chocolates :)

Geordie language is suppose to have more in common with Scandinavian languages than English but I think my Swedish must have got rather rusty as a struggled to understand many of the words...but I learned some, hinny is honey, canny is nice, netty is loo and hoy is to throw...if I remember right...

*Are you ok?

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