Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some more pictures

Here are some more pictures from the holiday...mainly from us eating ice cream :) England is still cold and rainy and very unlike summer...I have my woolly socks on and am contemplating on putting the heating on. For some reason the blogger is refusing to put the photos upright so you'll have to tilt your heads to see them.

Me and my first Italian ice cream with bouganville in the background

Us & leaning tower of Pisa just to prove we were there, even if it was very brief before the number of tourists was too much for us and we escaped

Angel/trumpet flowers in Montecantini England you can only grow them
in a green house

Action shot of David eating ice cream

And me eating ice cream again

Moses has been amusing last couple of days. We went to the beach and off he ran to the sea, however it was quite rough and he got pushed over by a big wave twice, he didn't seem too amused but we had a good laugh. On the same walk he wasn't looking where he was going and was running at full speed over this sand dyne, he didn't notice a sudden dip in the ground and fell over and did couple of roly-polys...we were in stiches!

Yesterday we went to the woods and it was quite muddy as it has been raining for quite a while. Moses got a bit of branch hanging on his tail so he sat in the middle of a big muddy puddle and pawed it off...I guess it's one way to get rid of it!

On the news front Spice girls are getting back together...not really sure what to think about it...

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