Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's cold - random ramblings

It is supposed to be summer but for the last couple of days it has been really really cold here. We've had the heating on in the evenings. Last night I was chatting with my parents on the phone, I had my woolly socks on and a big thick fleece and they were telling me it's been 26 degrees in Finland! Not fair...

I've tried David's new camera couple of times and it is really nice to use. Above is my attempt to take a picture of dried roses...I don't think I'll win any photographic prizes with it but it's fun to play with it. I'm not really sure of all the settings on it yet so at the level of my competency is limited to the setting David has left it on.

I had a midwifes appointment this morning and everything was well. Wiggles heart beat was normal, my blood pressure was normal as were protein and sugar levels which is good...I can eat ice cream (provided that the sun comes out and it gets warm again).

I've got a date with a Finnish girl tonight who lives couple of kilometres away from us and is also pregnant. I think she is due in July. So Wiggles will have a little Finnish speaking friend close by which is nice.

Alan, the pastor, came over last night and plastered the walls around where David knocked the wall out between the kitchen and dining room. It looks really good. Can't wait to paint it and get it all looking nice. David is contemplating on sanding the floors this weekend but I think it might be a bit too ambitious, especially as we are going away* the weekend after so he can't finish it then. And also the wall paper needs to be stripped before that. I'll be working on my progress report over the weekend so I wont be much help.

* the most exiting news of the last couple of days is that we booked a last minute holiday to Tuscany, Italy for a week** and after we get back we are going to Wimbledon on the 25th. We also get to see Gaenor & Rob as well be staying with them on the way to the airport and for couple of more days when we get back, they are only 25 min from London so we can go from theirs to Wimbledon

**And the pastor*** and his wife have promised to look after Moses so we don't have to pay for kennel

The same one who did the plastering

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