Saturday, June 09, 2007

It doesn't make any sense

When I was little we use to go and pick up berries from the woods, blueberries, rasberries, logan berries, artic cloudberries...lots of berries. It was good fun - even though I'm sure we used to complain about it too. Picking wild rasberries was especially fun as the bushes were quite tall and when you were little it was like a maze.

In England there aren't any great woods (because they all got chopped down for building ships to conquer the world with) so people can't go picking berries which means they head to supermarket when they want to get some berries. I still can't justify spending sometimes more than £2 on a tiny tiny (125grams) punnet of blueberries that I could have picked up from the woods in less than five minutes! But they are the latest craze here thanks to their amazing beneficial qualities...and I just use to think they tasted nice :)

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Helga said...

minä leikin kissan kanssa.
meillä on katiska. siellä oli kalaa.
piirsin tänään varsan.
t. emilia