Monday, May 21, 2007

We won

We have finally won the Saturday morning neighbourhood competition of who has their washing on the line first...

For ever since we have been living here the next door neighbours have their washing up on Saturday morning even before we get up! And we are not the greatest in sleeping late in the weekends, we are usually up and about around 9 or 10 after having had a cup of tea and read the paper. And regardless of what time we get up the neighbours washing is on the line before that.

I always assumed it must be because they have two young kids but as the neighbours on the other side have their washing regularly, but not always, up before ours that can't be the only factor. The other option of course is that the put the washing on the night before and then they just need to hang it up. (And i've tried that but our washing is still the last on the line!)

On Saturday morning I woke up at 6am mainly because of sun shining through the curtains and partly due to Wiggles pressing my bladder. I was quite sure that none of the neighbours would have their washing up this early and thought this was my one chance to be the first one to hang the washing in the morning (not that I am competitive). So I crept downstairs put the washing on and went back to bed to wait for the washing to finish.

And by 7.30 my washing was hanging on the line drying in the wind and sunshine and there was no sign of washing on any of the other washing lines in our street :) I was very happy. I have finally succeeded in being the first one to hang the washing on Saturday morning - not that it is a competition but I am still happy that I won :)

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