Monday, May 28, 2007

Shopping annointing

David has got the shopping annointing...for years he has been dreaming about a digital SLR and on Saturday we finally went and bought one. David was a bit undecided if he wanted to get one with a lense or not but it turned out that they didn't have the lense he would have wanted so he was just going to buy the body only.

The shop assistant boy disappears to get the camera only to come back to tell us that the one on the shelf is the last one in the shop and if David is happy to have it they will give him 3 years free insurance which David agreed to. So the boy disappeared again to look for a box for the camera. Quite a bit later he comes back very apologetically telling us that he couldn't find a box but if David was happy he would sell David the camera and a lense (better one than David had planned to get) just for the price of the body!!!

David quite happily said yes to this and we walked out of the shop with free lense and free 3 years insurance!!! And to complete my happiness we walked past Whittards and they had everything half price so I got this pretty little jug. To celebrate our successful shopping trip we went and had lunch in this funny little Italian place, it was delicious and we were very amused by the waiters shouting to each other in Italian, singing and generally larking around.

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