Monday, May 14, 2007

Rain and shine

The weekend went quickly. Saturday was spend diying. The wall has completely disappeared and David has started plaster-boarding the edges. The room looks so nice and big and bright and everything lovely. We are thinking of putting spotlights in in the kitchen half and it would be easier to do it now as we can access the ceiling quite easily (thanks to it being lower than the dining room half...) so it might be a little while before it is all finished.

On Sunday we had Rachel & Ty and their little girl Lily from church over for lunch. We had lovely time and it was so nice having big kitchen dining area as it meant that I could chat to the others while I was getting the lunch ready.

Moses enjoyed his day as well yesterday. David took him out for a long walk in the morning in vain attempt to calm him down for the afternoon. He has never really been around toddlers so we thought it would be good if he was a bit calmer. But the walk didn't work...he still got very exited when we all got in after church! But Lily loves dogs so Moses had brilliant fun playing with her. It was very sweet, especially as Lily couldn't really say Moses, it sounded more like moped! He was exhausted in the evening and just slept...hopefully Wiggles will have the same effect on him.

Today it has been sunshine and rain intermittedly. The weather was really poor over the weekend so we had big pile of washing waiting to be done. I was working from home today and did some washing in the morning. I thought I'd take my chance to hang it outside. By the time the second lot was finished washing the first lot was nearly dry as it was quite windy but I thought I'd better leave it out there just to dry it a bit more. So I hang the second lot and came back in to read some more of my journal articles.

Couple of hours later I looked out of the window and it had started raining!!! I must have looked very amusing, trying to take the washing down as quickly as possible and trying to avoid getting wet. Thankfully the rain must have just started as the clothes weren't too wet :)

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