Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More pics of the dissapearing wall

Here is some photographic evidence of the disappearing wall...
This is the view from the dining room to the kitchen...there are some very interesting electrics, the light switch on the right is still fully functioning...
Here is a wonky picture of the view from kitchen to the dining room. You really start to get a feel for what the room is going to be like when the wall is all gone. It gets the sun all morning and early afternoon so it is very light and sunny :)
Here is an other interesting electrical feature which now has been removed.

Since the pictures were taking, all the laths (the horizontal wooden bits) have been taken away as well as some of the upright beams. When the extension was done to the kitchen (it is the tiniest extension anybody has ever done...they only extended the kitchen by a meter...1m!!!) the ceiling was lowered in the kitchen. The beams support some of the ceiling in the kitchen so we (David) need to support the ceiling some other way before removing all the beams but David has it all worked out and he is planning to start the operation support the ceiling tonight.

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