Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mad hatters teaparty

It was Amy's birthday on Saturday so we headed of to York for the day. The weather was sunny but extremely windy. We got there about 1, went into town and had some lunch. As it was the FA cup final day David wanted to spend some quality time with the tv watching the match meanwhile Amy and I ate some chocolate and did some cooking. After the extremely boring football match had finished we took Moses for a walk in the park. We wanted to keep him nice and dry so we avoided the walk with the pond but somehow Moses managed to get into the river and went for a proper swim!

The theme for the party was mad hatters teaparty so I had spent last couple of evenings trying to make hats. Mine looked like a lampshade and David's was overly big pirate hat which didn't stay on properly. Moses had little antennas but after he tried eating them they had to be removed.

Amy went for the princess look.
Me and my lampshade.

David's pirate hat and Moses' antenna (the sparkly things that have fallen to his neck)

I baked a birthday cake

Everyone with their hats

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