Friday, May 11, 2007

Long awaited pictures of my knitted masterpiece aka teddy bear fashion show

Here are finally the pictures of my knitting I mentioned quite a few days/weeks ago. It is a cardigan for Wiggles. I got the pattern from knitting book David got me for my birthday. It's the pattern with daisies but I left the daisies out as if Wiggles is a boy, he might not appreciate looking back on his baby pictures and seeing himself wearing a cardigan with flowers on it ;)
So here is the cardigan
Here is a detail of the front
Here is the cardigan modeled by David's teddy. The colour suits him very well but it is a bit loose around his waist.
Here the cardigan is modeled by Uppo Nalle, it was definitely too long for this famous bear.
The puppet teddy went for the cool look but the sleeves were too long for him as well.
But the sleeves were too long even for Iso nalle (my first teddy that I got on my first Christmas) so I think I'll just have to wait for Wiggles to try it on in order to see what it really looks like.


Anonymous said...

Laura, you are amazing. I like the close up pic the best.

Anonymous said...

Ihana villatakki ja nallet on tosi suloisia, etenkin Uppo Nalle. Jotenkin osaan kuvitella sut pukemaan niitä :).

Anonymous said...

Hihii...mulla oli tosi hauskaa niita pukiessa...en oo vahaan aikaan leikkiny niitten oon alkanu kutomaan sellasta haalari jutskaa ;)