Thursday, May 03, 2007

Introducing Wiggles

Please meet Wiggles. S/he is 20+1 weeks old and expected to make an entrance to this world on the 17.9.2007. If Wiggles decides to arrive early s/he might have the honour of sharing a birthday with David's brother or if Wiggles opts for the late arrival the option are sharing a birthday with my grannie or my sister.

We have had a very easy ride with Wiggles so far. I haven't had any morning sickness or any other weird symptoms. Apart from heightened sense of smell (not very good when you are waiting for the metro starving hungry and someone walks past with a burger...) and having to go the loo at least once a night I have been pretty much normal.

The bump is taking a long time to appear as well. Some of my clothes are getting a bit tight around the waist but I am not very visibly pregnant yet. All the ladies at uni and church are telling me to be thankful about that...but it would be nice to look pregnant as I don't feel that pregnant.

Over the last week or so I think Wiggles has started kicking me, every now and then I get these funny sensations in my tummy which I assume must me caused by Wiggles as I have never had anything like that before!

We had the second scan this morning and Wiggles had reached the great length of 25cm which according to the scan lady is what it should be. I think Wiggles is definitely taking after David as s/he was cheekily sticking his/hers tongue out at us...I guess time will tell :)

The scan picture above is Wiggles at 12 weeks. It hasn't been properly scanned in so it is not the most amazing quality.


Alapään asiantuntija said...

Hei onnea ihan älyttömän paljon ja siunausta tuleville vanhemmille! Raskaus alkaakin olla jo puolivälissä. :) Kirjoittelehan taas kuulumisia joskus meililläkin.

The Lindseys said...

Hei Anna!
Kiitos onnitteluista :) Ma oon sulle aina valilla aatellu meilata mutta en loyda sun osotetta mistaan :( lahetatko sen niin laitan meilia tulemaan. Iloista kesan odotusta!
T: Laura

Alapään asiantuntija said...

Osoitteeni on

Siihen saa siis laittaa postia. :)