Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday morning

The sun is finally shining after unusually wet week but the garden and the woods are looking really nice and green so can't really complain. Yesterday when we took Moses out we saw a barn owl flying across the fields which was amazing. The woods were so lush and the fragrance of all the flowers so intense.

It is Amy's birthday tomorrow and we are suppose to be wearing home made hats so think my evening will be spend on trying my hands at hat making...any ideas are more than welcome.

On the news front, David's old school featured in the news yesterday as they have had to hire private detectives to make sure that the addresses parents claim they live in (to get the kids in to the school) are really the addresses they live in. Hmmm....maybe we need to set up a fund to send Wiggles into a private school or stay up north, I can't really imagine there to be similar competition for schools here than in Herts, for starters there are no grammar school to fight about!

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