Thursday, May 31, 2007

The bump

Wiggles has finally decided to show and here is visual evidence of it. Wiggles has reached the grand age of 24 weeks. We had a scan last week and we got to see Wiggles 4D at the end of it...they had a fancy machine. So we got to see a little face that looked like a little baby with a cute little nose. Still waiting for David to scan in the pics so I can put them here.

Wiggles has also started kicking a bit more and couple of days ago David felt Wiggles kicking for the first time which was very exiting. Wiggles is taking up a habit of having regular kicking and boxing matches in the long as they don't happen in the middle of the night I don't mind.

David wants to go to the beach so we are off.

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Alapään asiantuntija said...

Ihana vauvamasu. <3 Minullakin on kamala vauvakuume, mutta joudun vielä odottamaan muutaman vuoden. :P Laitoin muuten johonkin kirjoitukseesi meiliosoitteeni. Olisi kiva kuulla sinustakin enemmän. :)