Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The weekend of two BBQs

Marcus, friend of ours from School of Ministry, came up for the weekend. It was brilliant to see him and we had fun weekend together. On Saturday after a leisurely start and stroll around Whitley Bay (=the butchers, oddbins and organic shop) we headed to Druridge Bay. Once we got to the beach we realised the sea mist was advancing to inland so the visibility on the beach got worse and worse all the time. The boys still had some fun with the frisbee though while I sat down and read my book, hoping it would a bit warmer!

We had our lunch on the beach adn after that David got Moses into digging. We also attracted to local boys with most endearing accents we had heard for a while who came to give Moses a hand in digging. It made our day listening to them chatter away...and trying to understand what they were saying!

In the evening we had a BBQ, the first one of the year :) We got some really nice stakes from the butcher and David cooked them to perfection. We are dreaming of buying a gas BBQ, it would make life so much easier.

On Sunday we went to City Church with Marcus as one of his friends go there. After church we left Marcus to enjoy his friends company before heading back to London. We had some wonderful plans of doing some work in the garden but the sunshine was too nice and we ended up sitting in the garden for the afternoon eating ice cream :) I popped into the house to get somethign and when I got back both David and Moses were dozing away on the lawn!

In the evening there was a BBQ around the pastors house and we went along. In the autumn there was songs of praise that was filmed in Newcastle and quite a few of the people from church went along. It was on on Sunday night so the idea was to watch it together and have a BBQ. We had a really good time and there was enough food to feed an army so no one went hungry.

It's nice that it's warmer again, it is so nice to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather especially if you are having a BBQ!

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