Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Update on the lawn & garden

The lawn is growing really nicely, apart from the small triangular patch which is where Moses dug the lawn up and we patched it up. It is in desperate need of mowing again, it was only week and a bit a go when David mowed it last (first) time.
My apple trees seem to be doing nicely as well. The right hand side one is Winter Gem and the left hand side one is Red Falstaff. They are both dessert apples. There is some more room along the fence so maybe I'll get a cooking apple tree next to crumble...custard...We still need to fix the support for the trees so if the weather is good this weekend I think we'll be doing some more gardening.
They are both just about to start hopefully we'll have lots of apples to pick and eat in the autumn.

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