Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ultimate recycling

We inherited an extra bathroom sink when we moved into the house. I am not sure how brand new unused bathroom sink had ended up in the loft but there it was when David came to clean the loft. Our entrepreneurial side thought about selling it on ebay but a quick research showed that it wasn't really worth it.

We've heard about freecycle from quite a few friends and thought it would save us having to take the sink to the skip. The idea is basically that you send an email to this website telling you got this item to give away or you need this. People read the emails and if they want what you are offering or what you need they get hold of you. There seems to be antyhing and everything on offer ranging from lawn mowers to scale electrics...

So I joined and send my email telling that we had a sink to give away. Within half an hour I had a reply from someone who wanted the sink and they came and picked it up the same night! It was very nice feeling being able to give something that we didn't need to someone who really needed it.

Someone was giving away some bricks so we emailed to him saying we'd like them. Now we have a pile of 300 bricks on the side of the house waiting to be used to lay on the patio. The great idea is to lay them on a herrign bone pattern...we are away next weekend at Liverpool so it wont be untill the weekend after that we can have a go of doing it. Having never laid a patio before it might be very interesting...

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