Thursday, April 05, 2007

The sun is shining :)

It is so nice and warm outside, it feels like spring is finally here. The turf has grown very well and looks very green...we'll get to cut it first time next week - exiting! Haven't had time to do any more gardening so it will all have to wait untill after Easter.

We are driving down south tonight and picking up Amy on our way. I've had horrible cold for the last couple of days so I am not sure how much of the driving I can do, it will be a long journey for David. I am in charge of the food, as we leave straight after work we won't have time to cook so I am making packed dinner for all of us. (or I'm working from home today so we'll leave immediately when David gets home).

I am off to hang the washing now. I washed Moses' plankets earlier, he is not really bothered about them - or he thinks they are for chewing not for sleeping and his we've given up. He is never going to have a fancy blanket, at the moment he has two little rugs from ikea at the bottom of his cage, both rather chewed and frayed but at least they are cheap to replace!

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