Monday, April 23, 2007

Rainy Monday

After some really beautiful weather over the last week is back to the normal English weather i.e. grey. However unusually for Newcastle it is also raining, which is good for my garden but bad for my washing.

We had a lovely relaxing weekend with Ollie and Becky in Liverpool. Both of us have been quite tired recently so it was good not to do much and spend time together with the Homans and enjoying their amazing hospitality.

Moses behaved himself relatively well, he did find a bag of dog biscuits that belonged to Becky's parents' dog and proceeded to eat quietly as possible...but he was discovered before it was too late and sent to his cage. There nearly was an unfortunate event with some ducklings in Sefton Park but they all manage to escape to water before Moses got them - he still doesn't like swimming so they were safe the moment they got in (the lake was too deep for Moses' liking).

We drove down via Carlisle (A69) and coming down M6, it was really beautiful seeing the mountains on the side of the motorway. On the way back it was raining so we didn't really see the views but we could imagine them behind the mist and clouds.

Mr & Mrs Magpie who have moved to one of the trees behind us hadn't used the whole lawn as a padding in their nest which we were very pleased about. When we left on Friday they were both very busily flying between the lawn and the tree with their peeks full of our lawn. It looks like Mrs Magpie has settled on to the task of laying eggs and Mr Magpie is keeping watch. Can't really see the nest apart from some random twigs poking out of a tree but hopefully we'll get to see the little chicks when they appear, I assume our fence will be the perfect landing and take of point for their flying practices!

I have also found something I'd like to go and's a event dedicated to wool, yarns and all things crafty. And it's not even too far, or it's in Cumbria so it's far for anyone else apart from people who live on the northern fringes of England.

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