Thursday, April 19, 2007


I had to do a presentation today at uni. They have these lunch time research meetings where someone does a presentation on their research while everyone else munches their sandwiches. It seems to be quite universal thing in the academic world as they did them in Plymouth as well.

They have this fancy electronic blackboard thing in the room where they usually do the presentations. You can use it as a blackboard but the amazing thing is that you can save electronically what you have written on it. You can also project presentations on it and it acts like a giant screen.

Unfortunately today it did not want to play with us, or rather the computer did not want to play with us. The screen was fine but the computer refused to open my presentation - it lost contact with the drive where it was saved and even the geeky computer guys from upstairs couldn't solve the problem so I ended up doing the presentation without the slides...

...which actually was good because I don't really like slides :) everyone said it went very well so I'm happy. After the presentation there was half an hour or so time for chatting and questions and suggestions which was very helpful but also a bit daunting...lots of people suggesting different things to do and different focuses to take - definitely an information overload!

Now we need to take the dog for a walk and then do something about dinner. We are both feeling very lazy and might go and sample the menu of our local pub 'the monky' (Monkseaton Arms). I have been fancying a burger for last couple of days and I might just have to give in to this temptation ;)

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