Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Laura , Football, and Spring

Well I thought I'd write on our blog, after all it is all about th Lindsey's. We have just spent the evening sitting on the sofa. Laura looking at baby toys and trying to distract me from an entertaining game of football on the TV. It was Man United vs AC Milan, a champion league semi. I'm by no means a Manchester United fan but wish them all the best in European football. It was a wonderful game of football, however my concentration was, on frequent occasions, disturbed by Laura's enthusiasm and excitement at a stuffed teddy. I am saved from Laura actually buying any of these toys, one because we have no money and two no child, yet!

Other matters that necessitate a blog entry are the wonders of Spring. Moses had a very boring day all by himself, Laura was busy Phding and I was engineering. When we arrived home I was greeted with a very excitable little doggy, who soon insisted on exercise. We both duly gave in to his demand and found ourselves walking in the woods. The wood are amazing at the moment, not so much for there beauty but the tremedious smell that they give off during spring. The pollen is really strong and it wonderful to walk through them. It's funny the most amazing photo or painting cannot capture the sounds and smell of our planet.

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